Referral Program Terms and Conditions

We offer a referral program for our users where they can share a link to our website and refer new customers to purchase our widget. Users can invite friends, colleagues, acquaintances, or even strangers and receive 40% of the referred customer’s payment for 12 months.

If the referred customer subscribes to a monthly plan, the user will receive 40% of their payment every month. If the referred customer subscribes to an annual plan, the user will receive a one-time payment.

The subscription fees for our plans range from 72 to 216 euros per year. You can earn up to 85 euros per referred customer and potentially earn unlimited amounts by referring as many customers as you like.

Rules of the Program

  1. Earnings: The sky's the limit! The more people you can invite to use our wonderful marketing tool, the more you can earn.
  2. Attribution: Customers are attributed to your account for 30 days. Usually the user returns for the purchase after a few days or weeks. Even if he does not return the second time by your link, you will still remain the inviting person and receive your reward.
  3. Minimum payout threshold: The minimum payout threshold is 150€.
  4. Usage of the widget: While it is not mandatory to be a WheelWidget user to join the referral program, the more familiar you are with our widget, the easier it will be for you to promote it.
  5. Payment: Please note that we have a 30-day refund policy on our product. After the purchase has moved to the non-refundable status, the money will be displayed in your account as available for withdrawal, of course, if the withdrawal amount is sufficient.
  6. Do’s
  • You are allowed to promote WheelWidget on social media,
  • You are allowed to write about it on blogs and articles,
  • You are allowed to create educational video tutorials,
  • You are allowed to place our logos and banners on your website,
  • You are allowed to and send your affiliate link to email subscribers.
  1. Don’ts
  • You are not allowed to use your affiliate link on coupon or discount websites,
  • You are not allowed to falsely advertise WheelWidget in any manner,
  • You are not allowed to modify our logos or banners,
  • You are not allowed to use your affiliate link for your own purchases,
  • You are not allowed to offer unofficial discounts or coupon codes,
  • You are not allowed to advertise WheelWidget through pay-per-click ads (including search engines, social media, video banners).
  1. Prohibited content: It is also prohibited to advertise, promote or share links to our widget on 18+ or fraudulent websites.

NextWeb Oy, the developer of WheelWidget, will transfer the money to your IBAN account number in euros within the EU. The recipient is responsible for paying all necessary taxes and fees in their country and region. NextWeb Oy is not responsible for any failure to pay such taxes by the recipient.


Violations of these terms and conditions may be considered harmful to our company's reputation or commercial rights. We reserve the right to seek legal action in case of any such violations.


We will pay referral fees to our affiliates within 30 days of the clearance of the purchase. Payments will be made via bank transfer to an IBAN account in the European Union in euros.

Taxes and Fees

Referral fees paid to affiliates are considered as income and it is the responsibility of the affiliate to declare and pay any taxes or fees that may be applicable in their country and region. NextWeb Oy will not be responsible for any unpaid taxes or fees.


We reserve the right both to modify or to terminate our Referral Program at any time and for any reason, without notice.

Affiliate Program

For the purposes of these terms and conditions, the term "Affiliate Program" is considered equivalent to "Referral Program."

By participating in our referral program, you agree to these terms and conditions.

Last updated: 3 May 2023