Installation Instructions for Symphony CMS

  1. Copy the script
<script    src=""    async defer></script><wheel-widget id="YOUR_ID"></wheel-widget>```provided by Wheel Widget.2. Paste the script tag in the HTML head section of the page where you want the Wheel Widget to appear.3. Replace `YOUR_ID` with the actual ID of the Wheel Widget that you created in the Wheel Widget dashboard.4. Save the changes to the HTML file and publish it on your website.5. Verify that the Wheel Widget is loading correctly on your website by opening the page in a web browser and checking for the appearance of the Wheel Widget.6. Customize the Wheel Widget as desired using the options in the Wheel Widget dashboard.Congratulations! You have successfully installed and configured the Wheel Widget on your Symphony CMS website.::callout#summaryThis instruction didn't help me#contentWe are very sorry. We try to keep the instructions provided on our website up-to-date, but we may not keep up with updates of all services and frameworks due to their large number. Our script is quite simple and does not differ in connection from many others. If our instructions did not help you, try to study the documentation of your service or contact its support, this will be the wisest thing. If they don't help you there, contact us.::::callout#summaryOur support & Q team email#contentImportant: We do not install widgets on clients' websites. Assistance is provided on the following topics: general questions, bug report, finance, terms and conditions of use. The current waiting time for a response is 0-3 days. This period may be longer, depending on the workload of the team. Email: [email protected].::