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AI Powered Wheel

Boost your sales with wheel widget

Wheel of Fortune Widget is a powerful tool to increase conversions by engaging leads with fun game mechanics. Try it now for free and supercharge your sales today!

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Power Up Your Website

Trust in our widget's benefits and value proposition, backed by years of market experience. Buy with confidence from us

Maximize your ROI to shocking numbers

Get game-changing results with our Wheel of Fortune widget. Engage visitors, boost sales, and skyrocket your ROI. ROI stands for Return on Investment

Boost both quality & number of conversions

Turn your website into a conversion machine with our Wheel of Fortune widget and lead collection game mechanics

Grow a loyal audience for future sales

Engage your audience and build a loyal customer baseΒ for future sales with our Wheel Widget. Sign up and watch your business grow


Customize all texts, including sectors in the wheel and add promo codes to increase user engagement


Customize your theme: choose dark or light, and add your accent color for perfect personalization


Streamline lead gen: collect any type of contacts, integrate messenger/CRM, customize widget for your audience


Some of available functions

Discover the full range of features and capabilities of our Wheel Widget, perfectly tailored to boost your business growth

πŸ“ Customizable Text

Personalize all widget text, from headers & descriptors to all buttons, to match your brand and message

☎️ Contact Collection

Choose which contacts you want to collect β€” phone numbers, emails, or both. Lead lists are generated automatically in your admin panel

βš™οΈ Appearance Options

Select a floating or auto-open format, so the widget appears exactly how you want it to on your website

⏱️ Automatic Opening

Enable automatic opening when a user leaves your website, ensuring they never miss the chance to spin the wheel

πŸ”— Integration Options

Connect your widget to your CRM, messenger, or simply receive leads via email, with customizable integration options

🎁 Probability Settings

Control how many sectors appear and adjust the probability of each to tailor the experience for your customers

πŸ”’ Spin Limits

Set spin limits to prevent repeat spins and limit the number of times one user with same contact can participate in the draw

🎯 CTA Customization

Customize the action button that appears after spinning the widget to redirect customers to a messenger or other contact method

πŸ› οΈ Embedding Options

Easily embed the widget on your website or get a separate page with your widget automatically generated on our platform

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Powered by AI

AI will help you write texts and tell you the best prizes based on a short story about your business

Your Prompt:

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Recommended prizes

Your site, our Widget β€” Perfect Match

Our widget works on all websites thanks to its simple JavaScript code. Easily integrate it with your website, whether you're using a website builder, CMS, or custom code

Need any custom features?

Contact us directly, we are always ready to help you develop a unique functionality. The service for custom development is paid

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custom Design
CRM Integration

Our CEO`s Speech: Elevate Your Business

As the CEO of our company, I am proud to offer you a powerful tool that can take your business to the next level. Our widget allows you to customize and personalize every aspect of your customer's experience. With integrations available for lead collection and follow-up, you can streamline your sales process and convert more visitors into customers. Try our widget today and see the difference it can make for your business

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Dmitry Litvinov

CEO of

Pricing Plans

Our packages exactly matching your business needs. Start with free trial and choose the right



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For Pro marketers & sellers

€6/ Month
Save €48 Annualy – € 72 / Year
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Advanced business package

€14/ Month
Save €-48 Annualy – € 168 / Year
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Affiliate Program

Earn with WheelWidget

How it works

Create an account on , invite colleagues and friends and earn up to 40% of the payment of invited users! No quantity restrictions!

Become an affiliate
The characters are fictional, coincidences with real people are random

Frequently asked questions

If your question is not listed, please refer to the documentation, or ask us your question directly

Will the widget work on my website?

Absolutely, yes. The widget is compatible with your website and we provide detailed instructions for setup on over 50 types of sites. You can easily integrate it with your site design, and our team is available for support. Add the widget confidently and enjoy its benefits

Can I set up a limit for spins?

Certainly! You can set a limit on spins. The Wheel Widget enables you to specify the number of spins or set a time-based limit to prevent repeated rotations. If you need further assistance, feel free to contact us

How does the widget affect SEO?

The widget has no impact on SEO. Search engines perceive it the same way as any other widget, such as a chat or chatbot. So, using the Lucky Wheel widget won't negatively affect your site's search engine ranking

Do you help with the installation?

We provide detailed instructions for widget installation, making it a simple process. While we offer suggestions, we don't install the widget on client websites. However, our support team is always available to assist with any questions or issues you may encounter

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We hope you have found the necessary information on our website. Now you can confidently try the widget for free, or contact us if necessary